Parenting Products

Parenting Without Power Struggles Online Training
A six-week series of audio, video and text-based course material on demand, to learn at your own pace. Based on Susan’s book, Parenting Without Power Struggles

Personal Coaching with Susan
A 30-minute or 60-minute phone call or Skype call to discuss your personal parenting challenges

Co-Parenting Without Power Struggles Summit Recordings
A package of twenty expert interviews available as video recordings

Parenting In the Digital Age Summit Recordings
A package of nineteen expert interviews available as video and audio recordings

Raising Tweens and Teens: Less Drama, More Joy
A package of over twenty expert interviews available as streaming video recordings

Emptying the Nest Webinar Recording
Susan and her 25-year old son Ari share personal stories with invaluable guidance and wisdom to help parents and kids transition successfully to life away from home

Parenting With Presence Book
Our children can be our greatest teachers. Parenting expert Susan Stiffelman writes that the very behaviors that push our buttons — refusing to cooperate or ignoring our requests — can help us build awareness and shed old patterns, allowing us to raise our children with greater ease and enjoyment.

Parenting Without Power Struggles Book
Family therapist Susan Stiffelman has shown thousands of parents how to be the cool, confident “Captain of the ship” in their children’s lives. Based on her successful practice and packed with real-life stories, Susan shares proven strategies and crystal clear insights to motivate kids to cooperate and connect.