The Emotional World of Girls:
Feelings, Friendships &

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Are you mystified by your daughter's moods?

Is she a people pleaser who puts others' needs above her own?

Do you struggle to help your daughter make sense of friendship dramas?

Do you find yourself triggered, impatient, or judgmental over your daughter's upsets?

Do you wish the boys and men in your life had a better understanding of female emotions?

Today's parents are blazing trails as they raise daughters who are strong, confident, and authentically themselves.

While the payoff is enormous, many of us struggle to give our daughters the support they need when we ourselves were taught things like, "Good girls are quiet!", "Boys don't like girls who are smart!" or "Be nice to everyone!"

We may want our daughters to be assertive, yet find ourselves irritated when they stand their ground.

We may encourage them to feel all their feelings, while finding their emotions "too much."

We may want them to value their spirit and intelligence as much as their physical appearance, but worry when they gain weight or wear "unflattering" clothing.

We may be clueless about how to help them fit in socially when we see endless dramas unfold with friends.

In this Master Class, Maggie Dent and Susan Stiffelman will explore the challenges of raising strong girls who trust themselves, speak their truth, and know how to maintain healthy, mutually respectful relationships.


Gender is more fluid than fixed, and while respecting biological, neurological and hormonal differences, there is not an ‘all boys’ or ‘all girls’ reality.

On top of that, there is social conditioning that is deeply embedded in culture and ancestry. So when we use the term ‘girls’, we will be referring to a statistically significant number of girls; however, much of what we will be sharing may also be relevant to boys and people of all other gender identities.

Maggie and Susan encourage you to take from this what feels right for you. All genders need to be seen as equally fabulous, including our gender-fluid children. Every child ever born is born a unique miracle with their own individuality.

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Commonly known as the ‘queen of common sense’, Maggie Dent has become one of Australia's favorite parenting authors and educators. She has a background in teaching and counseling and is the author of nine major books, including the bestselling Mothering Our Boys and From Boys to Men. She hosts the ABC podcast, Parental As Anything and in 2021 released a book of the same name. In May 2022, Maggie released her first book about girls, Girlhood: Raising our little girls to be healthy, happy and heard. Maggie is the mother of four sons and a very grateful grandmother.

Susan Stiffelman is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Therapist, teacher and parent educator. She is the author of Parenting Without Power Struggles and Parenting With Presence (an Eckhart Tolle Edition.) Susan offers online events for parents around the world on topics like Raising Tweens and Teens, Parenting in the Digital Age, and Raising Siblings. She hosts a monthly Parenting Without Power Struggles membership group, a support group with Wendy Behary on Co-Parenting with a Narcissist, and the Parenting Without Power Struggles podcast.
In this class, you'll learn:
• The importance of helping girls become comfortable with their emotional world so they can grow into confident, authentic people

• How to break the pattern for girls of becoming people-pleasers, putting others' needs above their own

• How our childhood experiences complicate how we approach our daughters' emotions

• How to handle concerns like meltdowns, resistance, social media fixation, anxiety, moodiness, sensitivity, friendships, emotional eating and more

• Understanding interoception and how emotions manifest in the brain and body

• How emotional coaching can help girls work through intense emotional experiences

• How self-regulation helps us co-regulate with our daughters

• The many lessons girls can learn from friendships

• And much more!
Is this a live class?
This 90 minute session was live on July 19. The replay recording is available to watch at your convenience!
How long can I listen to the replay?
There is no expiration date on the replay recording. It’s yours to listen to now and in the future!
Who will benefit from this class?

The material covered in this class will help parents of pre-schoolers through young adults. If you are a teacher, a caring relative, or anyone who mentors girls, you will love this class!

What if my child identifies as gender fluid, non-binary, or trans?

As Maggie Dent says, "Gender is more fluid than fixed. When we use the term ‘girls’, we will be referring to a statistically significant number of girls; however, much of what we will be sharing may also be relevant to boys and people of all other gender identities. I encourage you to take from this class what feels right for you."

Are there scholarships available?

If you are experiencing financial hardship, email for more information.



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