With Mother’s Day this month, I’ve been reflecting on the experience of mothering and fathering: the uncertainties, the joys … the love. It’s hard to describe how radically we’re changed when a child arrives; it’s as though we’re rearranged in that first moment, and in the hundreds of thousands that follow.

The other day, my son Ari and I were on our weekly FaceTime call; we set aside an hour or so every week for a proper “catch up,” in between whatever quick calls or messages we share in between.

Ari was talking about what he’s doing with his work these days. I was happily listening, taking it all in, when suddenly I found myself enveloped by a wave of love so pure and strong that it was almost startling.

I continued to listen while feeling a sense of radiating of love and warmth in his direction. The whole thing seemed so marvelous–there he was, the tiny baby I once carried and the mischievous 9 year old and the sometimes aloof 14 year old–describing his grown up life, and something in me melted.

Even though my son doesn’t need me for sustenance any longer, it was wonderful to rest a little while in that feeling of love–something so ancient and invisible and sacred…

That love is what sustains us through the tantrums and the rolled eyes of raising our kids. Underneath all of those messy moments, there is a quiet, steady flame of warmth and affection–and even awe. When we can reconnect with those feelings in their simplest form, it makes whatever day we’re living a holiday.

Happy Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Parenting Day to you all! May your week be filled with love.

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