Please join me for a Facebook Live conversation about the groundbreaking new Netflix film,
The Social Dilemma.

I'm often asked to name parent's biggest concerns. At the top of the list is screen time.

Parents are often at a loss about how to get their kids to unplug when it's time to disengage from the digital world. Threats and arguments are the norm. 

But underpinning these conflicts is an element that's difficult to explain to our children. It has to do with understanding the broader digital landscape, and the adverse impact on our lives when we relinquish intentionality in how we engage online.

In The Social Dilemma, you'll hear from former top-level executives at every major social media platform, talking about the deliberately addictive nature of the design of digital apps, and how fundamental values--like mental health and democracy-- are compromised in favor of advertising dollars.

I feel so strongly about this film that I'd like to offer you an incentive to watch this film over the next few days.

If you have ongoing conflicts over screen time, watch this film with your children (ages 10+) and then join me for a FREE get together online to talk about the film. I'll be on Facebook Live to hear what you think, listen to your kids if they'd like to attend, and share some of my impressions.

I hope you enjoy The Social Dilemma and that you'll join me on
Wednesday, Sept 23rd at 5 PM PDT for conversation and support. 

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See you there!

Note: You may be wondering... if the film is about the perils of social media, why are we holding a discussion on Facebook? 

Here is a quote from the filmmakers on why they, too are promoting on social media:

"We believe it is especially important to reach people where they need to hear it most – on social media. In service of that goal, we plan to use social media to advance our impact campaign while adopting and modeling the principles of humane technology."

I hope you'll watch the film, and join us for what promises to be a lively discussion.