Some of the many things we’ll talk about in
Raising Tweens and Teens:

• How to stay appropriately involved without hovering

• Dealing with girls’ budding sexuality, provocative dressing, sexting, flirting, and more

• Tips for connecting with teens who have been pulling away

• What to do if your youngster is being bullied–or is the bully!

• How self-injury becomes compelling for tweens and teens as a way of finding relief from emotional pain

• How to ratchet down emotional intensity when you’re frustrated with your teen

• Why drug or alcohol use before the age of 15 puts our kids 7 to 10 times greater risk for addiction

• The two things our teens need from us to thrive (consistent encouragement and consistent consequences)

• Tips for handling tumultuous teen behavior

• How to help our teens learn from mistakes

• Helping boys become more comfortable opening up and expressing emotions other than frustration & anger

• Why those risky, novelty-seeking, defiant behaviors are essential to adolescent development and how to help our teens make good decisions.

• How to motivate teens who have temporarily lost their way

• Why a girl may refuse a boy three times…and still text him a nude photo of herself!

• Why “How would you do it?” is such an essential question

• How to read our teens cries for help–and then get them the help they need

• How to foster assertiveness skills in tweens and teens so they can create clear boundaries with others

• The dietary, environmental, and psychological factors that can contribute to early puberty

• How to help reignite a passion for learning

• How to talk about sex with kids so they won’t run from the room!

• Guidelines that ensure boys can enjoy video games while balancing cognitive, physical, and social-emotional needs

• How to help our teens develop responsible habits around money

• Why our kids need chores, and more on self-efficacy versus self-esteem

• When to stay engaged, and when to step back

• How to help teens develop an inner anchor that will steady them during rough times

• Identifying risk factors and warning signs for suicide

• How to help kids develop empathy, and why it is so important to a successful life

• How to approach a youngster who is focusing excessively on dieting, working out, eating healthy, or eliminating more and more foods

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