Parenting Without Power Struggles
I'd love to share with you some of the fundamentals of my work and how they can help you stay steady and regulated as the calm Captain of the matter how "stormy" those parenting seas may be.

We'll cover: 
Why it's so hard to avoid power struggles even when you're committed to staying calm

How our triggers and vulnerabilities make it hard to respond from a stable, regulated state

Avoiding shame and guilt when we make mistakes or lose our way

How you can break negative patterns inherited through the generations
The secret to helping children cultivate self-regulation
Creating a healthy vision for your family's life

Susan Stiffelman is a licensed marriage and family therapist, credentialed teacher, and the author of Parenting Without Power Struggles and Parenting With Presence (an Eckhart Tolle Edition.)

For more than 40 years, Susan has helped thousands of parents reduce power struggles and increase cooperation and connection. 

Just as a confident Captain of a ship is able to navigate rough waters, Susan helps parents function as a reliable source of comfort and guidance through life's sometimes stormy seas.

And Susan believes that raising a child is the most important work in the world!

Is this a live class?
The webinar was live on February 13, but now the replay is available for you to watch. After you submit your registration form below, you will receive an email with a link to access the replay.
Who will benefit from this class?

This class will help parents of toddlers through teens. If you are a teacher, a relative, or anyone who cares for children, you will also love this session!

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