Real Life Stories

One of the comments I hear most often from people who have read my book is that they love how I help illustrate the ideas of coming alongside rather than AT their kids, and being the Captain of the ship.

What I often hear next is, “I wish I could hear what that sounds like in real life!” In other words, as with any book that might have material that resonates, we want to not only be inspired–we want to make the ideas come to life in our own real lives.

That goal–bringing the ideas that I teach into your real lives–is the motivation for everything I do in my work.

To that end, I have created a brand new offering called Real Life Stories. This program is a way to hear how my strategies play out in the real, day to day realities of raising children.

Each product consists of three links that will allow you to hear me coaching a parent around a common issue like meltdowns, not wanting to go to school, or parental guilt and shame.

You can listen whenever it is convenient, and the audios will be yours to play indefinitely.

The material is designed to cover the span, suitable for parents of toddlers through late teens.

The cost of each of these modules (3 sessions in each) is just $36.00.

If this sounds like something you’d like, I hope you’ll have a listen! Each of the three calls runs about thirty minutes.

Module 1:

Session 1: Guilt and Shame

In this call, you’ll hear me speak with the mother of twin 3 year old boys and a 3.5 month old baby. She knows all the “right” things to do when one of her kids are steering into a meltdown, but still–there are times when she loses her cool, slamming a door or shouting when she’s reached her limit. You’ll hear me coaching her around resisting the urge to let her day be defined by the moments when things fell apart. We’ll also talk about ways she can handle the after effects of her anger, both with her boys, and toward herself.

Session 2: “Me” Time

In this call you’ll hear me speak with the mother of three children–a 3 year old, 2 year old and 8 month old–living away from family in Alaska. We’ll talk about how she has managed to create a supportive tribe, and how important it is to take care of yourself, even as you have children making demands around the clock.

Session 3: When Partner’s Parenting Styles Differ

In this call, I speak with a mother of two who tries to parent from a more attachment based mode while her husband favors a more strict, Dictator mode. We’ll also talk about her challenges of not falling into Lawyer mode when her kids push back or refuse to cooperate.

Module 2:

Session 1: Being the Calm Captain

In this call, I had a chance to work with a parent around not taking her 2 year old’s meltdowns personally, and not judging herself (or fearing the day care lady’s judgement) when she isn’t the calm captain. We looked at how her father’s disengagement–except when she was getting A’s–influences her difficulty accepting her less than perfect parenting moments, and talked about not taking her child’s behavior personally.

Session 2: Power Struggles Over Screen Time

This call began with a conversation about mom’s challenges managing her twin daughter’s near constant desire to use their tablets for music, homework, learning and entertainment. Fairly quickly you’ll hear the conversation shift as mom shares that one of her daughters confessed that she is depressed, and that the only thing that brings her happiness is being on her screen; in other words, like many kids (and adults), she has come to rely on her digital device to numb her unhappiness.

Session 3: Balancing Work with Parenting

In this call, you’ll hear me speak with a mother of two young children who grapples with the stress of working full time as a professor, never feeling fully where she is; when she’s with her kids, she feels the pressure of needing to get work done, and when she’s working, she feels she’s shortchanging her children.

Module 3:

Session 1: Overcome with Rage When Child Misbehaves

In this call, you’ll hear me work with a mother of a four year old and 2 year old twins as she talks about the rage that sometimes overtakes her. Her breakthrough was powerful and very moving.

Session 2: Dad’s Challenges When Daughter Resists Being Rushed

In this call, you’ll hear a father describe his frustration when he’s trying to get his four year old to hurry up in the morning so he isn’t late to work. He explores how his own childhood issues around being rushed play into this, and has some big insights about making positive changes.

Session 3: Preschooler Tantrums Before Going to School

In this call, you’ll hear me talking with the mother of a three and a half year old boy who has trouble parting from mommy to go to school in the mornings. You’ll hear me talking with her about some possible factors–new baby, the possessive quality of attachment of a three year old, fear of separation and thoughts around death and dying that he’s been having. I’ll offer some practical suggestions for making the parting easier.