Helping Children Manage Frustration

How to help children through life’s inevitable challenges

 Wednesday, December 6 at 1:00 PM PST




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“My son explodes with anger at the drop of a hat!”

While we instinctively want our kids to be happy, it is actually not in a child’s best interest to fix all their problems and try to talk them out of their upsets. Giving in to every demand results in a child who cannot handle things when they don’t go their way. And trying to convince an angry child not to be upset just makes things worse.

I teach parents how to help their children move through frustration by treating it as a loss, borrowing Kubler Ross’ stages of Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Disappointment, and Acceptance.

“No matter how hard I try to explain why my daughter can’t have what she wants, she hits and kicks when she doesn’t get her way.”

When we help children move through their sadness when they can’t have what they long for, they become able to adapt to life’s inevitable ups and downs.

If we want to raise children with resilience, we must help them develop the capacity to deal with frustration and disappointment.

Learning how to parent in a way that helps children become adaptable is an essential element of my approach to raising strong, confident, compassionate children.


What ages will this session be relevant for?

My strategies benefit parents of children of all ages–toddlers through teens.

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What about the limit on the number of guests?

The live webinar is limited to 100 guests. If you register after the live webinar has filled, you can still access the free replay recording. After the webinar has ended, we will share access to the replay for you to watch at your convenience. Either way, be sure to sign up using the form above so we can contact you via email.

About Susan Stiffelman

susan stiffelmanSusan Stiffelman is the author of Parenting Without Power StrugglesParenting With Presence (An Eckhart Tolle Edition) and the weekly parenting advice columnist for The Huffington Post.

She is internationally regarded as one of the top parenting experts in the world, blending conscious parenting principles with highly practical strategies to make raising children easier and more joyful for parents and children.

Susan brings decades of experience to her work with parents, guiding them to come alongside, rather than AT their children to help them adapt when life isn’t going their way.

In this FREE one hour session, Susan will address the importance of helping children navigate the inevitable frustrations of childhood and will take questions from participants to further personalize the material.

With her mix of practical tools and personal stories, Susan Stiffelman shows how to create close, loving family relationships and captures just how transformational and fulfilling parenthood can be.

Arianna Huffington

Susan, I just want you to know that you are literally saving my relationship with my 14 year old son… It is life changing! I always felt there was a better way and now have the tools to make it happen. You are empowering us as parents which will in turn empower our kids to come from a place of love instead of fear.

Kristen S.