Common Concerns

Parents face all kinds of challenges–from whining to defiance, sibling rivalry to homework meltdowns. It can be exhausting and overwhelming to deal with those rough patches, but we can reduce their frequency.



“My ten-year old acts like a toddler whenever he gets frustrated!”

Childhood is filled with frustrating moments. Some children are easy going and roll with the punches, but others explode when they can’t have what they want. As much as we might want to avoid triggering a child’s upset, most of us know that giving in to their demands leads to long term problems–and prevents children from developing resilience.

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“My kids ignore my requests, even when I ask nicely. Why can’t they just do what I ask?”

Kids just want to have fun, and many of our requests signal the end of fun and the start of something they’d rather not do, like working on homework or getting ready for bed. There are ways to awaken a child’s natural instinct to cooperate.

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Losing my cool:

“Even though I try my best not to resort to screaming at my kids, I lose my cool more often than I care to admit.”

As much as we love our kids, they can push our buttons like no one else can. Despite promising ourselves that we’ll keep our temper in check, there are times when we run out of patience and the next thing we know, we’re yelling, threatening, or saying things we later feel awful about.

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Creating a happy home:

“My husband and I want our kids to grow up in a loving home, but instead it is filled with fighting. Help!”

Creating a loving environment where everyone feels safe and relaxed is one of the greatest gifts that we can provide for our children. But it isn’t always easy. Arguments and power struggles can create tension and disconnection, sending everyone to their separate corners to “connect” with their online friends instead of relaxing with their real-life family. There is nothing quite as wonderful as spending happy and relaxed time with those we love.

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For Single or Divorced Parents:

“It breaks my heart to send my kids back and forth between our two houses.”

Parents marry and have children with high hopes of happily ever after. We find great happiness in the image of our children in the midst of two loving parents, and do all that we can to deliver that promise. But sometimes, marriages cannot survive. When that happens, children are often caught in the crossfires of hurt, anger and sadness.

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“The core secret revealed in Parenting with Presence is that presence is the only effective way to interact with children. Presence includes support and structure — with that, children thrive; without that, children experience chaos, and parenting can be a nightmare. The second secret is that parenting is a growth process, and your child is your best teacher. Understanding both secrets prevents parenting that nurtures without structure and parenting that shapes without nurture. This book brings new awareness about a parenting process that increases the health of our culture itself. Recommended to all parents and parents-to-be.”

Harville Hendrix, PhD, and Helen LaKelly Hunt, PhD,

Authors of Giving the Love That Heals: A Guide for Parents

“Susan Stiffelman, who has double standing to give parenting advice, as a professional therapist and as the mother of an exceptional son, has hit the nail on the head twice over… her book is filled with practical, real-world ways to minimize the fights and maximize the love.”

Kurt Andersen

Novelist and host of public radio's Studio 360

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