Help For Parents

Online Course

Parenting Without Power Struggles

Online Comprehensive Parenting Course

In the series of six modules that make up the Parenting Without Power Struggles online training course., you’ll watch and listen as I guide parents through each of the elements of my approach to raising kids from connection, strength and love. You’ll hear me answer their practical questions based on the real-life challenges they face with their kids–from toddlers through young adults.

If you have been wanting to radically change your parenting life, and stop shouting or threatening to get your kids to cooperate, this program is for you!

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Private Coaching

Private Coaching with Susan Stiffleman

Work with Susan one on one by phone or by Skype to get individualized help with your parenting.

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Live Events

Live Online Interactive Events

Calls, Webinars and Teleclasses

In February, I will be hosting a 4 day tele summit with over 18 experts on digital media and our children. Please click here for more information.

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Case Studies

Real Life Stories With Susan

Video and Audio Coaching

Do you learn from case studies? The Real Life Stories program is a set of four audios that allows parents to learn from my work with real parents around a variety of challenges, from refusing to clean up toys or take a bath to sassing back or overdoing it with technology. Some sessions you’ll hear me describe the work I did with a parent or family, and other weeks you’ll actually get to listen in to an actual coaching call I had with a parent.

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