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Are you ready for life with your children to be sweet, loving and peaceful?

Learn how easily you can transform defiance into cooperation
Turn resistance into loving connection

Do you find yourself losing your cool your kids? You may promise yourself that next time they push back, you’ll be patient, but sure enough, they do something upsetting–ignoring your request to dinner or annoying their brother (again!)–and you find yourself turning on what I call MOM/DAD TV, fueling those exhausting power struggles.

The truth is, our kids push our buttons like no one else can. It can be next to impossible to stay cool and calm when they bicker, whine, talk back or refuse to cooperate.

If you’d like to feel less exhausted and overwhelmed by the tasks of parenting, and more lit up with joy when you’re with your children, then the Parenting Without Power Struggles comprehensive course may just change your life.

Imagine what it would feel like to wake your kids in the morning and know that you’re headed into a peaceful, easy morning! Picture a life with your family where each one of you feels nourished by the closeness and love that permeates your relationships.

For years I wanted to figure out a way to help parents have easy, loving relationships with their kids without having to spend thousands of dollars on parenting workshops or in-person counseling sessions.
It took a while to create the kind of in-depth online workshop that would replicate the experience people have when they attend one of my live workshops, but I’m happy to say, this program comes as close as possible to teaching the fundamentals of my approach to raising children in an online, virtual format.

Working with real parents

In the series of six sessions that make up the Parenting Without Power Struggles Online Training, you’ll see me doing what I do best–coaching parents who attended the taping of this training event. You’ll hear me answer their practical questions based on the day to day challenges they face with their kids–from toddlers through young adults.

Take a look!

As you watch me guide parents through their stumbling blocks and concerns, you’ll have the sense that you’re in the room with me, working through your own questions and challenges. By the end, it will feel as though you’ve been through your very own Parenting Without Power Struggles boot camp! (Without the push ups!;-)

Audio, video, and text-based materials let you learn in whatever way is best for you

The course includes over six hours of video and audio content, set up so you can work at your own pace and review the material as often as you like. There are worksheetswith exercises for each segment, allowing you to interact with the material and make it your own. You can download the audio and listen on-the-go. Or you can set time aside to watch the videos from the comfort of your home. The material is yours forever; there’s no “expiration date.”

Here’s a look at the curriculum

Each session begins with a review, then walks you through an exercise to help you prepare to get the most out of the time you’ve set aside.

I’ll invite you to do a variety of exercises to help you reflect and deepen your understanding of the material. And at the end of each session, I’ll recap what we covered and then give you an assignment that will help you take manageable baby steps toward lasting change.

Segment 1 content:

You will discover how to turn your greatest parenting challenges into a vision for creating a loving, peaceful, happy family life. I’ll talk about how transformation happens–by making small micro choices rather than massive changes. And I will help you learn to focus on what went well, rather than habitually replaying all the things that went wrong, so you can start parenting from a place of empowerment and confidence.

Segment 2 content:

I’ll introduce you to the three ways you can parent: As the argumentative, pushy “Lawyer“, the desperate, out of control “Dictator“, or the confident “Captain of the Ship” who exudes quiet authority without relying on bribes, threats or punishments. I’ll talk about why it’s hard for us to stay in that calm Captain role, how “Snapshot Child Syndrome” gets in the way of us parenting from authentic strength, and what to do when we get triggered and lose our cool.

Segment 3 content:

Children are wired to resist the influence of those with whom they are not attached. In this session, I will walk you through the process of building the kind of connection with your kids that makes them naturally receptive to your direction and guidance. I’ll help you identify the weak links in the attachment you have with your children so you can fortify connection in specific ways. And as with all sessions, you’ll have an assignment to do that will help you put into practice what you are learning in our time together.

Segment 4 content:

In this session, I’ll reveal what you probably do every day that makes your children argue, push back, and resist your guidance and requests. I’ll show you how to come alongside rather than at your kids–taking you step by step through a process that will make it second nature to approach your children in a way that helps them be open and receptive. You’ll see me demonstrating Act I and Act II, Sunday Afternoon Act I’s, and more, so that what might have been theoretical becomes easy for you to understand–and use in real life!

Segment 5 content:

When children are frustrated, they either become aggressive (toward you, their siblings or themselves) or they adapt and make peace with things as they are. In this powerful session, I will show you how to help children move through their disappointments and frustrations so they stop having tantrums, meltdowns or angry outbursts when they don’t get their way, and so they can develop the resilience necessary for a happy life.

Segment 6 content:

In our final session, I will teach you a variety of strategies for enlisting a child’s willingness to respond favorably to your requests. I’ll talk about changing the “pH” of our relationships so we can avoid engaging in heated negotiations as The Lawyer, stop delivering escalating threats and bribes as The Dictator, and be that loving Captain of the Ship our kids need. This session is loaded with practical tips for making day to day life with children easier, happier and much more fun.

More about this program

Thousands of parents have proven that the strategies I teach in the PWPS online course really work in real life. Their children come closer to them emotionally, happier and more cooperative, and their ability to move from frustration to resilience (minus the meltdowns!) changes within days.

What you’ll learn is based on the tried, true and tested approaches I’ve developed over 30 years as a teacher, educational therapist, parent coach and licensed psychotherapist. I’ve used these strategies with thousands of parents to create breakthroughs that have taught them parent with genuine and loving authority, rather than shouting, threatening and negotiating.

You will even have the option of working with me live! I will soon be offering optional group coaching calls for those who have taken or are currently enrolled in this course and would like more of my personalized attention and support. This will allow you to ask questions and work with me at a fraction of my usual cost.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I have Susan’s book. How will this course be different?

Many parents have found that while they resonate with the ideas in my books, reading alone is not enough to help them apply new approaches to dealing with challenging parenting moments when the going gets rough. They may find that although they know it would be good to come alongside rather than AT their child, or to help their child feel sad when they’re frustrated, it is not so easy to apply in the heat of the moment. This course will allow parents to really work with the strategies I teach so that they become more natural and intuitive. This is especially valuable for parents who might initially feel awkward as they try on an approach that is different from how they themselves were parented.

How can I get through this material without feeling even more overwhelmed than I already am?

The beauty of online learning is that you can move at your pace; there are no deadlines or expiration dates on working with this material. My suggestion is that you figure out what will work for you. For some parents, that may mean setting a goal of moving through one Session per week, perhaps devoting 15 minutes a sitting. (Each session runs about an hour.) Others may want to just do a little when they can. I urge parents to be careful about not letting their critical inner voice have air-play when it comes to doing this program. If you keep your eye on the prize–a more harmonious, enjoyable, peaceful family life–then whatever small pockets of time you can invest will feel worthwhile and doable.

My partner and I are not on the same page with our parenting approaches. Will this course help?

Here is what I say to parents who complain about being out of synch with their co-parent: Do your own work, and resist the urge to “parent” or “teach” your child’s other parent. Nothing is more off-putting than being told–without asking–what you’re doing wrong as a parent. What I have discovered is that if we make positive improvements in our relationship with our kids, the other parent can’t help to notice, and may independently come to a decision that they, too, want to adapt some of these ideas.

If my kids are older, is it too late for me to change how I parent?

Absolutely not! (You probably knew I was going to say that…:-) The truth is, my relationship with my son–in his twenties–continues to get better as I keep growing and learning. It is never, ever too late to clean up problematic relationships with our kids, or restore deep attachment when a child or teen who has pulled away. I have even taught these ideas to parents in their seventies and eighties who have healed relationship with their adult children!

Is this course useful for parents of toddlers?

There are a couple of strategies in this course that will not be useful to you until your child is two and a half or three because they are more word-based. But many, many parents of toddlers have found my work to be enormously helpful, both because they develop skills that help them avoid power struggles as their kids grow, and because this work helps reduce a parent’s tendencies to get overwhelmed and lose their cool when they hit bumps in the parenting road.

Is this course useful for parents of teens?

This course is very useful for parents of teens. As your kids grow up, they have a developmental imperative to pull away and exercise more of their will. While this is ultimately healthy and necessary, it can fuel epic power struggles if parents come AT their kids, rather than alongside them. It is also essential that attachment still be the foundation from which we raise our older kids. Parents of teens have found the ideas in this course can make life much less stressful and more enjoyable.

Are there payment options?

Yes, you may pay in two installments.

Ready for real, lasting change?

If you’re ready to stop the power struggles, tantrums and meltdowns (your child’s or your own!) and are willing to invest a little money, time and effort in exchange for a joyful, harmonious family environment, then I invite you to register below for the Parenting Without Power Struggles 6-Week Online Parenting Workshop.

You can begin the course now for just $197, or two payments of $99

So, you can move through six hours of material and exercises for less than the price of one hour of private coaching with me.

Try it risk-free…

Try the Parenting Without Power Struggles Comprehensive Training for up to 30 days. If you use the material–really give it a test drive– and do not see marked improvement in your relationship with your kids, I’ll be happy to refund your money.

I feel so fortunate to be doing work that brings me such joy, and makes a real difference in people’s lives. If you find yourself intrigued, and are ready to take a step toward genuinely transforming your relationship with your kids, I hope you’ll give this course a try.

Thank you for being someone who’s deeply committed to their family,

With warmest regards,
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What others have said:

“Before taking this course, I thought my kids deliberately ignored me or tried to make me mad. I now know that they really do want to please me when I approach them as Susan teaches. Our family life was so stressful (and loud!) Thank you so much for this program. It has changed everything for the better!”


“Sometimes I would feel rage in my body when my boys wouldn’t listen. This program taught me that their behavior isn’t personal, and that if I build the attachment Susan talks about and avoid taking their behavior personally, I can stay calm and loving. Our family is so different because of what I learned. Thank you Susan!”

R. L.

“Soon after I started this program, my son started freaking out about something. My husband said, “go ahead and try parenting without power struggles.” He expected me to end up yelling but with Susan’s tools in mind, I was able to connect with my son and turn things around quickly. Our lives are so much better because of this training.”