We are better together.
Could you use practical help navigating the many challenges of social isolation?

We have put together a number of free and low-cost resources to help you through:
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Do your children bicker, fight or argue all day? Have you tried ideas from parenting books with no real improvement? Would you like to learn the skills to teach your children healthy communication tools? Join Susan with Dr. Laura Markham for a new three-part Master Class for parents of toddlers through teens! Class includes homework, role-playing demonstrations, and hands-on practice. Replay recordings available.

Feeling overwhelmed? Exhausted? Please join me every Monday for a free online gathering to ask questions and share support with parents around the world during this unprecedented time. The replays are available if you can't attend live - be sure to register so you'll receive them after the live session!

 Could you use help establishing agreements with your co-parent about play dates, homeschooling, hygiene, and outdoor activities? Learn how to more effectively forge agreements with your co-parent and generate healing and forgiveness to move forward on friendlier terms during this especially challenging time.

If you could use help figuring out how to organize your children's studies, join me for this Master Class on Homeschooling. I share practical ideas for helping children with a variety of learning styles, as well as reassuring advice for setting your children up for success as you step into the unexpected role of teacher.

While sibling rivalry is to be expected during this time of heightened stress, you can help your children learn ways to manage sibling frustrations with less drama and fighting. Join me with Dr. Laura Markham for a class that will help you now AND once this time of social isolation is over. 

Could you use help lightening the atmosphere at home during school closures and quarantine? Play is one of the best ways to relieve a child's emotional distress and to foster connection with our kids. Learn ways to lighten household tension and foster greater closeness and cooperation with your kids.

In this episode, I offer tips for staying grounded while honoring Coronavirus recommendations of social distancing. You'll enjoy a calming mindfulness moment and hear ways to feel sturdier with kids underfoot.

Tune in for a conversation with Laurel Springs Distance Learning founder Marilyn Mosley about how to help children and parents adjust and even embrace learning at home. Tips on learning style and various homeschooling approaches, along with helpful resources.

In this episode, you'll hear a clip from my Playful Parenting Master Class with Dr. Lawrence Cohen. You’ll hear a discussion on how to talk with kids about Covid-19 and how to bring connection into interactions with our children to reduce tension and foster genuine cooperation.

Music is one of the sweetest ways to calm, connect, and come together. Please enjoy the replay of this family sing-along with Isaac and Thorald Koren. The Brothers Koren are gifted musicians and they each have a young child, so they know what it's like to be in social isolation with little ones.