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On the Today show:

Susan has joined with Byron Katie for a series on Parenting. You can find out more by clicking here. (Preview below)

Susan was a guest on Eckhart Tolle TV, speaking with Kim Eng about parenting with greater presence.

Susan’s presentation at the Success 3.0 Summit

Susan was a featured speaker at the Children’s Lifesaving Foundation fundraising event

Radio Interviews

I have had the wonderful experience of twice hosting a four day, Parenting With Presence telesummit with a wide range of people. Below are excerpts from a few of those conversations.

with Jane Goodall

It was an honor for Susan to have a chance to talk with Dr. Jane Goodall about her work, and about how parents can help their children contribute toward making the world a better place. Listen in as Dr. Goodall shares a little about how her own mother’s faith in her dreams helped fulfill them, and listen to the remarkable story of Wounda, a chimp that was returned to the wild.

with Glennon Doyle Melton

Susan speaks with Glennon Melton from Momastery about parental shame and guilt, and how essential it is that we make peace with the fact that life is messy. They talk about how the child we have is often very one who will force us into deep acceptance of life just as it is.

with Alanis Morissette

Tune in to hear a great conversation about attuning to our child, which requires a willingness to feel all the feelings that come with being human: frustration, rage, and even joy. They discuss how we lose our way when we become needy rather than staying present for whatever our child is going through.

with Jon Kabat Zinn

In this conversation, Susan and Jon Kabat Zinn talks about the importance of children encountering frustration and moving through it, rather than fixing their problems. Jon shares wonderful insights about allowing one another to live out of our essential nature.

with Ari Andersen

Listen in as Susan talks with her son, Ari Andersen, about how he came to create a website ( that explores ways that younger people can benefit from the wisdom of those older and further along in life—and vice versa! They also talk about the importance of growing up in a tribe, and letting those you love know that they matter to you while they’re alive.


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Cutting Edge Consciousness

“Susan loves children and loves supporting parents who are raising children. She understands the power of sane parenting.”

Byron Katie

Author of Loving What Is

“Susan Stiffelman is an insightful writer who clearly knows what she’s talking about, sharing much-needed wisdom and advice for the caring but often frustrated parent.”

Marianne Williamson

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