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Episode summary:

A child’s ability to stay regulated and manage impulses is closely tied to sleep, but try as they may to get their kids to bed, many parents face bedtime struggles night in and night out. In this great conversation, Susan talks with Heather Turgeon, MFT about the why’s and how’s of good sleep practices.

Heather Turgeon is a psychotherapist and sleep specialist. As co-founder of The Happy Sleeper, with Julie Wright, she helps families with babies and kids of all ages sleep well. She is the co-author of The Happy Sleeper and Generation Sleepless.

Things you'll learn from this episode:


The importance of positive sleep associations

How much sleep kids really need

A great tip for helping kids who have had a bad dream

Join psychotherapists Susan Stiffelman, Heather Turgeon and Julie Wright to learn tools to help your child learn to fall asleep -- and stay asleep -- independently!
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