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Parenting with Presence explores the possibilities for our growth and transformation that parenting provides.

“…a heart-centered how-to guide for a new generation of moms and dads attempting to raise gracious, empathetic, well-attached kids in our uber-fast-paced modern society. This is as much a self-help book for becoming a self-actualized human as it is a parenting guidebook.” Whole Life Times

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Parenting Children and Young Adults with Greater Presence: A dialogue with Kim Eng and Susan Stiffelman

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In 2014, Susan Stiffelman and Kim Eng had a very special conversation. In this audio replay you’ll learn:

• The importance of staying connected to ourselves, being present as that Captain of the ship

• Parenting our adult children when they no longer need parenting, but still need our loving presence

• How to avoid having our own pain-body triggered when our child is upset

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