Co-Parenting With a Narcissist

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  • How to cope with narcissistic individual’s demanding, dismissing, and alienating behaviors so that you remain calm, cool and in control of your own responses
  • How to use leverage to set limits and maintain boundaries so that you no longer feel bullied or coerced by the narcissist
  • How to help children cope with a narcissistic parent so that they understand they are not the cause of the narcissist’s demeaning, unpredictable, or disappointing behavior
  • How to steer clear of adult temper tantrums, argumentativeness and rage so that you can maintain a more positive relationship
  • How to avoid power struggles and useless arguments so that you save time and mental energy that is better spent on you and your children
  • How to use specific language to diffuse tense situations and build a more productive relationship
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