One of the greatest antidotes to facing challenging times is the feeling that we are not alone.

Since mid-March, I have been joined by parents from around the world for my weekly Better Together Monday sessions.

My guest-hosts and I answered questions and shared ideas for parenting during quarantine and combating feelings of isolation. We are also discussing how to talk with our children about racism, equity and social justice.

These were free events. While I have taken a pause from hosting new sessions, the free recordings are still available to view at your convenience.

Please note: I am a family therapist with many decades of experience working with parents and children. I am NOT an expert on Coronavirus, nor do I claim any expertise on issues related to social justice. My intention is simply to create a safe space for parents to come together and find support. Please visit this page if you'd like to find out more about my training and background.

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Members of our Better Together community share their thoughts about our gatherings:

Thank you, Susan, for providing parents and teachers with the much-needed help navigating life during these unprecedented times. The insights you and your guest provide comfort and kindness, which is much needed!  Please keep sharing!

Thank you so much Susan and guests. It has been so truly helpful during this stressful time. Please continue the sessions. I’m still in full time child care, with no end in sight. Very grateful for your help.

I love what you are doing and adore your advice… I can’t even count all the wonderful insights, tools and interventions I’ve learned from you and your guests. Please carry on. I feel certain that the work you do is changing lives and the world for better.

Every Monday, as soon as my toddler goes to bed, I watch the replay, I suppose that one hour has become my 'self-care’... These discussions have given me ample books to read, topics to review and ponder and something to genuinely look forward to each week.Thank you for being the captain of the Better Together Monday ship!

These Mondays have helped me to survive.  I’ve lost patience quite a few times when dealing with my sons (16 and 19) but with your advice in the back of my mind (I also have your books and once took a seminar with you), I’ve been able to get back on track. It hasn’t been easy but thank you so much for your support. Looking forward to my "energy kick“ next Monday.

Not only do I use the things I’ve learned from you on my little ones, but I also apply some of it to all children. Right now I’m leading the brigade at our condominium complex. I’m appealing to our HOA to do what we can to alleviate the stress on parents who find themselves in this challenging situation. 

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